Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Fillings

Dental fillings are biocompatible materials that help restore the health and function of teeth, naturally. Teeth may suffer from significant damage either in the form of injuries, breakage, damage, or decay. Internal damage of the tooth can be quickly resolved with dental fillings. Sealing it off later can prevent re-entry of bacteria restoring health and longevity.

What are Amalgam Fillings?

Dental amalgams have been long used as a method of filling cavities in teeth. Your amalgam fillings are also sometimes termed as silver fillings. Although there have been quite a few speculations about its safety, amalgam fillings have a lot to offer on the table.


The term amalgam comes from a standpoint that the filling material is a combination or an alloy of two other metals. Silver amalgam is all the same. Its name is derived from the combination of metals such as Silver, Mercury, Tin, and Copper.

Although tooth-colored fillings are widely favorite today, amalgam fillings stand as the primary means of dental fillings. It holds up the tooth better over time and does not wear off from chewing.


Silver amalgams have several benefits. They are durable and lasts longer than other types of dental filling. Due to its strength and agile, they last longer. They are clinically tested to be safe and does not pose a potential threat to its users regardless of their age.


Amalgam fillings can be placed in a single appointment. The dentist will numb the area of the tooth where the fillings must go into. Once ready, your dentist will remove any remaining bacteria or dirt and prepare the tooth for the filling. A particular medication will be administered if the filling has to go near the tooth's nerve. Once the dentist sets the filling, it will be appropriately shaped and polished. Your tooth will be restored to its normal and function in no time. We will advise our patients on post-procedure instructions and help them go through it smoothly.

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