Our Dental Practice

Children's Dentistry of Inland Empire are pioneers in providing children with exceptional, safe, and comfortable dental care. We effectively communicate and understand the concerns addressed by our patients. We believe in building a bond of trust between the patient and practice to help us serve you for a lifetime.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the foundation of trust as a reliable seal. By maintaining integrity, skill with timely and exceptional care, we work towards gathering your confidence in us to give you the best.

First Visit

Your child's first visit to our practice is more like an awareness visit. It gives an opportunity to interact and understand your child's existing dental condition and discuss the various treatment options available. We encourage parents that their child's first dental visit should occur no later than their first birthday. During your first visit, we take the opportunity to examine the oral cavity, undergo cleansing sessions, recommend for X-rays if necessary. If existing conditions have progressed, we'd discuss it clearly with the parents and suggest a treatment plan.

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